Smash Bros Community Work

Video gaming is one of my passions, and the TN Smash Bros community is very important to me. I try to provide my skills for them in any way I can. I'm responsible for a lot of graphics and videos that are representative of our scene.

TN Top 30 Rankings Writeups:

We have a database that tracks player's wins and losses that determined Tennessee's top 30 players using the ELO ranking system. A few of the our community members wrote a blurb for every one of these players to create a snapshot of what our scene looks like to an outsider. It's been the most comprehensive project we've done, and I was tasked with creating the images. All the blog articles are hosted here on my website.

TN Power Rankings banners:

I often create the banners for our Middle TN Smash Facebook page that ranks our best players along with the characters they play. I was feeling unusually wholesome and used a lot of vibrant colors and characters. It fits our reputation of being rowdy. This was for our Winter 2017 rankings.

Here's our banner from Fall 2018.

Scenic City Tournament Banner:

Here's another banner that was used on a Facebook event page. It ended up being a 105 person tournament in Chattanooga. I traced some character models in Illustrator and gave them a flat gradient. I also made a quick badge style logo and put it all in front of the Chattanooga cityscape.

Spring 2017 PR Combo video:

Similar to the Power Rankings banner, I made a video highlighting some of the cooler moment from TN's best players at the time. A combo video is a monument to your region's skill, and is a nostalgic throwback to the early days of video gaming on Youtube. I made the graphics and did all the editing. (I'm also #5 in the video!)

Fall 2018 Combo Video

And here's the video for Fall 2018.


Here's a logo I did for a family that wanted matching shirts for their family vacation. They had seen something similar, but wanted a unique design. The only stipulation was using one color for cheaper screen-printing.

Here's a logo I did for my parents' organization that they ride horses with. There are many Back Country Horsemen chapters with separate logos to draw inspiration from, and mine comes from the Georgia chapter, where they used the outline of their state.

Besides that, it was specified to have 2 horse riders and a donkey, and only 1 color limited me to silhouettes.

Here's a T-shirt design I made for my brother's Crossfit team. He told me the name is a reference to the band Pantera. I took the idea of the snake from some of their album art and used a font similar to their style.

Robert Schuller Ministries

Robert A Schuller is a pastor from California and is one of our clients. I was in charge of designing one of his websites: 

I created the new banner logo myself, along with other logos for his Vital Living series on his Facebook page.

Since early August, I have been responsible for making 5 Vital Living Daily videos (1-1.5 min each), along with 5 social media images every week for their Facebook page. Many being bible quotes or quotes from one of his books.

I'm also responsible for maintaining their website, and cross-posting 5 blog articles a day to the page.

Tan 2000 Ads

Here's another client within the Tri-Cities region of TN. This tanning business was under new ownership, and all of their stores were marketing deals for their grand re-opening. My first order of business was to create Facebook ads for the weekend of the event. We came up with the design for the "Perfect 10 Weekend" and designed creative separately for college aged men and women, and one more for the older population.

Along with creating digital ads, I also got to make billboard ads that I actually got to see while driving around town. It was the first time I'd seen my work in the real world, and it was honestly pretty exciting. It was my first time doing any sort of co-op advertising as well.

After the grand re-opening, I ended up doing a few social media posts for them to advertise for prom and Easter special before they decided they were spending more than they wanted to on us.

We also ended up doing a few radio ads which ran for a week before the grand re-opening. I don't really know how to properly show those, but they sound like a typical radio ad; nothing too special. Like the billboards though, hearing something I created on the radio gave a sense of legitimacy previously unknown to me.

Overall, Tan 2000 was a fun client. They often didn't know what they wanted, and that resulted in a lot of back and forth emails. It did allow me to test my creative and design skills though, which is my favorite part of what I do.

Red Rooster Scratch Goodness

A Bristol, VA southern Appalachian style restaurant needed some new branding and better social media presence. They were close to going out of business and so we offered our services for free until they got back on their feet and we got more busy with other projects. Our first order of business was to update their logo and branding to something more modern.

We changed them from Red Rooster Market and Deli to Red Rooster Scratch Goodness. We also gave more emphasis to their bakery on social media and tried to appeal to a younger audience.

Old Logo

New Logo

At the time of our help, it was nearing Christmas time so we helped plan events that would help bring in customers. We came up with Christmas and New Year's menus that I designed. I made fliers for them to hand out at the Bristol Christmas parade, and we made them gift cards so they could make some quick money as they were close to going under. The fliers were most successful at helping them gain customers, and the month of December was good for them.

Gift Certificates

Holiday Menu


New Year's Menu

Going back to their social media branding, I made them a new profile picture and banner for their Facebook page using assets from the new logo.

To improve their social media engagement, I made several quick and dirty memes to give them content throughout the entire month. I ended up making about 25 of them in all, with varying degrees of quality. Still, they served their purpose and the engagement on their page increased significantly for being a small local restaurant.

Lastly, I shot and edited a minute long Christmas video for them to upload to their page.


Digital Painting

Sunshine & Dog - 12/20/16

Here's a present I made for my sister-in-law that I printed and framed for her. This was my first attempt at digital painting as I was just learning about brush opacity and blending colors within the software.

Looking back, I would have experimented more with the shadows to make them look better than the original picture. She's not as dark as the original would suggest. I'd like to have spent more time on background as well, but I understand that to be very hard even with a lot of practice. This was a learning experience for sure.

Bulbasaur - 10/31/17

At least this one wasn't me tracing somebody else's drawing/photograph. It's still a Pokemon though. Doing the line work was difficult with my current tablet and unpracticed hand but I'm glad I didn't wimp out on it. I really enjoyed doing the coloring on this piece and felt like I was solving problems I had with shading and problems I had with the software. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Maggie - 12/12/18

Here is a digital painting I did for my girlfriend's birthday depicting her dog. Had a lot of fun doing the linework and testing brushes for this one. Ended up looking nice in a white frame. Overall satisfied.

Digital Illustration Projects

My digital illustration class projects, all done with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Animal Forms

Sketched out animal forms to be traced in illustrator and colored.

Jayson Rice Animal Forms.png

Greeting Cards

All photoshop, was designed to teach about texture in digital media through the usage of layers and different digital brushes.

cat-and-balloon-with-shine-2 halloween-card2 presents-crd-1-layer

Character Development

We had to create our own character with full turnaround poses  and expressions. These were then digitized and colored in Photoshop/Illustrator.

turnaround-full                  color-sketch


Magazine Article

We had to choose an online article to create a 2-page magizine spread along with the title and some text.

Dakota Access Pipeline.png