Digital Painting

Sunshine & Dog - 12/20/16

Here's a present I made for my sister-in-law that I printed and framed for her. This was my first attempt at digital painting as I was just learning about brush opacity and blending colors within the software.

Looking back, I would have experimented more with the shadows to make them look better than the original picture. She's not as dark as the original would suggest. I'd like to have spent more time on background as well, but I understand that to be very hard even with a lot of practice. This was a learning experience for sure.

Bulbasaur - 10/31/17

At least this one wasn't me tracing somebody else's drawing/photograph. It's still a Pokemon though. Doing the line work was difficult with my current tablet and unpracticed hand but I'm glad I didn't wimp out on it. I really enjoyed doing the coloring on this piece and felt like I was solving problems I had with shading and problems I had with the software. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Maggie - 12/12/18

Here is a digital painting I did for my girlfriend's birthday depicting her dog. Had a lot of fun doing the linework and testing brushes for this one. Ended up looking nice in a white frame. Overall satisfied.

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