Red Rooster Scratch Goodness

A Bristol, VA southern Appalachian style restaurant needed some new branding and better social media presence. They were close to going out of business and so we offered our services for free until they got back on their feet and we got more busy with other projects. Our first order of business was to update their logo and branding to something more modern.

We changed them from Red Rooster Market and Deli to Red Rooster Scratch Goodness. We also gave more emphasis to their bakery on social media and tried to appeal to a younger audience.

Old Logo

New Logo

At the time of our help, it was nearing Christmas time so we helped plan events that would help bring in customers. We came up with Christmas and New Year's menus that I designed. I made fliers for them to hand out at the Bristol Christmas parade, and we made them gift cards so they could make some quick money as they were close to going under. The fliers were most successful at helping them gain customers, and the month of December was good for them.

Gift Certificates

Holiday Menu


New Year's Menu

Going back to their social media branding, I made them a new profile picture and banner for their Facebook page using assets from the new logo.

To improve their social media engagement, I made several quick and dirty memes to give them content throughout the entire month. I ended up making about 25 of them in all, with varying degrees of quality. Still, they served their purpose and the engagement on their page increased significantly for being a small local restaurant.

Lastly, I shot and edited a minute long Christmas video for them to upload to their page.