Tan 2000 Ads

Here's another client within the Tri-Cities region of TN. This tanning business was under new ownership, and all of their stores were marketing deals for their grand re-opening. My first order of business was to create Facebook ads for the weekend of the event. We came up with the design for the "Perfect 10 Weekend" and designed creative separately for college aged men and women, and one more for the older population.

Along with creating digital ads, I also got to make billboard ads that I actually got to see while driving around town. It was the first time I'd seen my work in the real world, and it was honestly pretty exciting. It was my first time doing any sort of co-op advertising as well.

After the grand re-opening, I ended up doing a few social media posts for them to advertise for prom and Easter special before they decided they were spending more than they wanted to on us.

We also ended up doing a few radio ads which ran for a week before the grand re-opening. I don't really know how to properly show those, but they sound like a typical radio ad; nothing too special. Like the billboards though, hearing something I created on the radio gave a sense of legitimacy previously unknown to me.

Overall, Tan 2000 was a fun client. They often didn't know what they wanted, and that resulted in a lot of back and forth emails. It did allow me to test my creative and design skills though, which is my favorite part of what I do.