Smash Bros Community Work

Video gaming is one of my passions, and the TN Smash Bros community is very important to me. I try to provide my skills for them in any way I can. I'm responsible for a lot of graphics and videos that are representative of our scene.

TN Top 30 Rankings Writeups:

We have a database that tracks player's wins and losses that determined Tennessee's top 30 players using the ELO ranking system. A few of the our community members wrote a blurb for every one of these players to create a snapshot of what our scene looks like to an outsider. It's been the most comprehensive project we've done, and I was tasked with creating the images. All the blog articles are hosted here on my website.

TN Power Rankings banners:

I often create the banners for our Middle TN Smash Facebook page that ranks our best players along with the characters they play. I was feeling unusually wholesome and used a lot of vibrant colors and characters. It fits our reputation of being rowdy. This was for our Winter 2017 rankings.

Here's our banner from Fall 2018.

Scenic City Tournament Banner:

Here's another banner that was used on a Facebook event page. It ended up being a 105 person tournament in Chattanooga. I traced some character models in Illustrator and gave them a flat gradient. I also made a quick badge style logo and put it all in front of the Chattanooga cityscape.

Spring 2017 PR Combo video:

Similar to the Power Rankings banner, I made a video highlighting some of the cooler moment from TN's best players at the time. A combo video is a monument to your region's skill, and is a nostalgic throwback to the early days of video gaming on Youtube. I made the graphics and did all the editing. (I'm also #5 in the video!)

Fall 2018 Combo Video

And here's the video for Fall 2018.

Tennessee Melee Rankings #10-1

The Tennessee Melee top 10 are players you'll definitely want to look out for in your bracket. Tournament in the Midwest or Atlantic South could always have one of these players looking to make an upset.

One of a whopping two relevant Sheiks in the state, Andrew Witt AKA "Suezo" AKA "Flexington Steele's" lack of consistency kept him off the top 10 this season. With high peaks such as beating Bobby Frizz hungover, everyone sees the threat Suez poses. Beware the power of a drunken all night anime binge, this Sheik isn’t one to underestimate. -Xtreme


Johnathon “Hunybear” Austin is our low tier hero here in TN. Quite possibly the most lab intensive Link player in the world, Hunybear has been making a name for himself in the realm of link players. He is known for his brutal punish game and absolute lack of moving ever. Seriously, he is insanely good at standing still. Hunybear’s most impressive feat this season was taking a set off top 100 player, Cob at Shines-n-Steins 2. He also has wins over Xtreme, Shiksaslayer and Taqwim. A now perennial PR player, Hunybear will keep looking to optimize his gameplay and push Link as far as he can. -T


Tennessee's legendary TO Chase “Xtreme” Harrell rules TN with an iron fist. Known for creating “meme” seeds and “spicy matchups” it's best to stay on his good side. A perennial PR player, he is no slouch at playing the game either. Chase is famous for beating every floaty and losing to every spacie. He is also famous for his flowing golden locks and being just twinky enough to make you wonder. If you need to find him at a TN tourney just look for the guy yelling stop your friendlies. -Xtreme


Christian “Googlyeyed” Write returned to PR form this season. With a year of the box and the bird under his belt, his tech skill finally caught up with that big fat brain that let him beat the likes of Slox, Absent Page and Kpan with Marth in years past. When Christian’s not figuring out how to harvest wild garlic for a nice stew, he’s casually racking up wins on Iori, Mewwy, Davemon, Xtreme and more. No one would be surprised to see Christian and his Falco rise back to the same level his marth was at. -Xtreme

Palmer “Mewwy” Columber WAS our former wobble master from Knoxville, but we banned that nonsense. Sorry buddy! Now with his life in shambles, Mewwy will try to prove to the world that he is more than a drooling A masher. After a rough few tourneys post wobbling ban, Mewwy managed to defeat both Moist and Hunybear in a single tourney at Top Platform. Perhaps we were all wrong, and Mewwy isn't carried? Only time will tell. -T


The most electrifying Falcon in smash entertainment, Jayson “Moist” Rice farmed Grab just enough this season to stay in the top 5. Neither him nor his opponent know what he’ll do next. As the sole representative for Tri Cities in the top 30, Moist has a lot on his back. Hopefully, this next season will see him and the homies travel more, as he’s the only thing stopping Grab from ruling TN with an iron sword. -Xtreme

Ramon “ghettoblush” Yu is the ultimate sleeper pick in Tennessee. He's also the Hipster's favorite player in that Bad Melee article from like 2015. He has long ruled the Knoxville scene and recently double eliminated Iori. Ramon is a calm, patient fox main known for beating everyone except Falco players. He is almost certainly a high PR player if he ever decides to attend tournies regularly. Likes: Flip-flops, gym shorts, circle camping floaties, calling people bud. Dislikes: Chase Harell’s seeding, traveling to any tourney more than 20 miles away.  -Xtreme

James “Kimchi” Kotel, Yes, he’s the guy who beat n0ne. Yes, it was cool. No, we aren’t going to talk about it anymore. Kimchi is a former Falco player turned Pikachu player. Kimchi has been on a steady rise since his change of mains and has now firmly established himself in the top echelon of TN players. He is still searching for that elusive and all-important Iori win but has defeated everyone else in TN there is to defeat. He is a tourney threat at any TN event he attends and will likely breakthrough the Iori barrier soon. -T

Bowling Green Marth main Dillon “Grab” Draper proved himself two steps in front of the rest of Tennessee over the course of the PR season. He racked up three tournament wins, including double eliminating Iori at Top Platform. However. Grab’s outstanding peaks were also marred by losses to Pikachu and Falcon. If he shores up his gameplans in difficult matchups, and remembers to bring his headphones, it won’t be very hard to envision a new number one in the state next season. -Xtreme

Known  by local players for his malicious mindgames and clever play, Memphis peach main Tufyne “Iori” Tucker continues his dominance of the state. He has multiple top 100 wins throughout his decade long career, placed 33rd at Genesis 1 with Mewtwo, and can play every top tier at a proficient level. However, throughout the season Iori finally looked vulnerable, dropping tournaments to both Grab and Ghettoblush. Aside from a few blemishes, he is still unquestionably number 1 in the state. When it comes to shit talk and spacing, Tufyne reigns supreme. -Xtreme

This project was created to acknowledge the dedicated players you'll want to look out for at Tennessee's SSBM tournaments. These top 30 rankings were directly taken from Winter 2019's TrueSkillrankings without committee discussion. The actual TN top 10 PR has some differences due to player activity. Thanks to Chase Harrell for collecting and organizing the data, and to a few other TN players for writing blurbs.

Unless otherwise stated, all photo credit belongs to Toto Sripunvoraskul. Final images created by Jayson Rice.

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Tennessee Melee Rankings #20-11

The players on this list are players that are a threat to consistently place top 8 at monthly sized tournaments. It's unsurprising to see on of these players make an upset or two in bracket, but they have a bit farther to push before they can start taking tournaments of their own.

Nobody would say that Christian “Amida” Durham was in top form this season. An honorary member of Tennessee smash, the Kentucky puff main came out of retirement to mixed results and has yet to shake off the rust. However, he racked up solid wins over Shiksaslayer, Emy, Who and Droog. Regardless of his current results, he’s still a scary name to see in your path given past successes of waxing everyone in the state except Iori. -Xtreme

Hunter “emy” Blake WAS a peach main from Clarksville. After yet another disappointing PR season, emy has decided he is now a Fox main. He has had very good results at weekly tournaments with his peach but has struggled to make anything happen at our regionals. After losing to Suezo and Shiksaslayer at the last ADS, emy decided to hang up the Peach shoes for good. Known for beating everyone at weeklies and money matches (including Grab, Davemon, Kimchi, Xtreme, Hunybear, T, etc.) emy hopes to start finding tournament success with Fox. He clearly has the talent. It will be interesting to see if he sticks with Fox and if he can put it all together finally in tournament. Good luck bud. -T



Former Chattanooga honchkrow turned Alabama smasher Cameron “Ceelew” Lewis continued his streak of strong showings within the 10-20 range. In only two tournaments, he racked up wins on Googlyeyed, T, Shiksaslayer and Suezo. Happily married, only time will tell if he sacrifices his home life for the true prize; top 10 in two states at once. -Xtreme


David “Davemon” Steinmeyer is/was a Captain Falcon main who quickly rose up the ranks of Tennessee through hard work and dedication to the game. In his short time playing, he racked up a few top 100 caliber wins in Iori, Abate, and Reeve to name a few. When he was most active, he was consistently getting top 3 at every Tennessee regional he went to and was beginning to challenge Iori for the top spot in Tennessee. Due to unfortunate circumstances, however, his time was cut short by hand problems from frequent play and issues he had from previous endeavors. This hasn’t stopped Dave fully, as he is back to competing, at least a little bit, using a box controller and is working towards getting back on the normal GameCube controller once his hand pains are mostly subsided. His true skill is known by all and we all look forward to seeing what Dave will be able to do when he’s back at full force. -Pbrake

Third best Falco in the state Trevor “T” Greiff crushes his enemies like he crushes miller lites. Known for stellar top platform play and electrifying 45 percent combos, T set out to prove his haters wrong this season, and he mostly proved them right. However, the beak still had lofty peaks, continuing his trend of destroying Davemon and Den while paradoxically losing to Shiksaslayer every time. This panelist has high hopes for the future of T, and if he can begin to overcome his floaty demons, we may be looking at the next top five player in the state.  -Xtreme


Jared “Cantus” Powell is one of our adopted TN players. Actually from Bowling Green, KY, Cantus has become part of the TN family along with other BG players Grab and Wolven. Cantus is your typical solid fox main. Good technical skill and solid B&B fox play are the staples of his gameplay. Cantus has been on a bit of a break while he was finishing up school, but managed to beat newly minted top 100 player, Cob, at Shines-n-Steins 2. He has also beaten T, Kevo, and Shiksaslayer this season. Cantus, if active, is a serious top 5 contender in TN. -T

Journeyman Branden “Den” Thomas cut back his attendance to TN tourneys this season. His lack of data comes in part from a move to Tri-Cities for school, and a preference for closer out of state events in North Carolina and Georgia where he hoped to gain experience against different play styles. Don’t let his low rank fool you, Den is still a perennial top 3 threat in state, racking up wins on Mewwy, Kimchi, and Emy, while also taking Iori to game 5. Now, back in middle TN and taking a break from school, he’ll be looking to reclaim his former top 3 status. -Xtreme

Local alcoholic Marth main Brett “Unoriginal” Derrington returned to peaks of years past this season. Starting off slow, he ended the year hot off getting second at Cookeville Cup over Taqwim, Suezo, and Hunybear. Known as a spacie slayer, Brett showed that when he has the determination to stay sober and remembers to take his meds, all things are possible. -Xtreme

Taqwim Luboti is the quintessential Memphis Fox. Safe and calculated, or in other words, lame. Born in the fires of campy Memphis old heads, Taqwim does what he has to do to survive. A 2-0 record over Xtreme plus wins over Den, Googlyeyed, T, and Unoriginal let the state know that there’s a new threat in town. Once he gets trickier MUs like Pikachu, Peach and Marth down there’s no telling how high the Memphis fox can rise. -Xtreme (Lack of any pictures resorted in a playercam screencap)

Zeke “Shiksaslayer” Berger’s Marth strikes fear into any player that dare run into a stationary uptilt in the corner. At Get Up Attack he took down ghettoblush, Mewwy, and Grab in route to a second place finish behind Cob. With a reputation as a spacie slayer, Zeke proved this season that there was at least a little more to him. In addition to his GUA run, he also secured wins over Emy, Unoriginal, T and Hunybear. Look for your favorite frat boy to make a deep run at any tournament where he can avoid Xtreme. -Xtreme

This project was created to acknowledge the dedicated players you'll want to look out for at Tennessee's SSBM tournaments. These top 30 rankings were directly taken from Winter 2019's TrueSkillrankings without committee discussion. The actual TN top 10 PR has some differences due to player activity. Thanks to Chase Harrell for collecting and organizing the data, and to a few other TN players for writing blurbs.

Unless otherwise stated, all photo credit belongs to Toto Sripunvoraskul. Final images created by Jayson Rice.

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Tennessee Melee Rankings #30-21

The beginning of the top 30 are players we love to see at our tournaments. This tier is filled with rising talent and members of the old guard alike. With a mix of play styles present, anybody in this tier is bound to give a good set.

Legendary quad-game player Evan “EG” Gunn keeps a low profile nowadays, but you can still catch him at any Knoxville event. In the past he ran Tennessee’s Brawl scene, saved us all from Nice Climbers reign of terrors, and beep booped the PM scene. While only playing for fun in recent times, he still managed to pick up a win on Xtreme this season. While you won’t see him top 8’ing anymore, you can always enjoy kicking back and having a beer with TN smash’s friendliest man. -Xtreme

Unlimited potential spread too thin, like butter scraped over too much bread perfectly describes Murfreesboro Falco main Toto Sripun. The young, talented bird split his time between FighterZ, Melee, and Ultimate which ultimately saw his results suffer. However, he succeeded in other aspects of his life. He’s become the official photographer for Tennessee smash and also has seen success locally at DBFZ. With any luck, FighterZ will drop a bad patch to turn his focus back to the game that’s as old as he is, and we’ll finally see TopTenToto.  -Xtreme



Scott “Cornycows” Knowlton is the second best Pikachu main in Clarksville. While being fairly reclusive in the later part of the season, Cornycows secured a couple early wins on Toto and KY PR player Green Machine. Some have gone as far to say that if he could ledgedash, Scott would be better than Kimchi. Will Clarksville's native son take time out of his busy schedule of watching MD/VA locals to attend his own? Find out next season. -Xtreme (Beautiful selfie taken by the man himself)


Phoenix “Phoenix” Zulueta is a young fox main from Middle TN. Possibly the youngest member of our scene, Phoenix has impressed in his early career. He has taken sets from T and Wolven and taken many players to close sets. He has a very bright future in Melee if he decides to stick with it. -T

Eric “Kari” George has been a mainstay in Middle TN monthly and weekly tournaments for years. His Fox/Falco combo has been a gatekeeper for many players, he has placed above average consistently at many tournaments and a 9th at Anchor Down 10. Eric was also essential in establishing our small Nashville community and bringing together tournament players and our local players. Eric has shown a great dedication for the game over the years, and you can always find him at whatever weekly or monthly smash tournament continuing to practice and grow. -Signify (Picture unknowingly swiped from Kari's FB.)

Between organizing consistently excellent events at Vanderbilt and competing in Ultimate, Brandon Weber has yet to reach his Melee peak. He didn’t enter Melee much, but when he did he made waves, dropping #3 Kimchi at Anchor Down Smash 10. Brandon will be stepping down as Vandy’s head TO next semester, and every one should be afraid of what his lightning fast falcon with a practiced, perfect punish game can do. -Xtreme

Kevin “Kevo” Simons is a peach main from Knoxville. No one knows exactly how old he is, but trust me he’s old. Kevo is known for his intelligent neutral and rock-solid tech skill. While he has been on a bit of a hiatus recently, he managed to beat Den early this season showing he’s still got it. Kevo is a potential top 10-15 player in TN when active, and a threat to almost anyone in the state. -T

Coby "Jankie" "Plankie" Massengale, is an up and coming Marth/Sheik main from Knoxville. His refined punish game and years of analysis put him in the upper levels of this scene. With weekly victories over Rooster, T, and Ghettoblush, this guy doesn't mess around. When he isn't whining about his controller, he's a real threat. -12yoweaboo

Tyler “Rooster” Cox aka “Balls” aka “Cox” aka “Tyler Balls” is a Puff player from Tri-Cities. Rooster is a former PR player in TN that has been inactive of recent note. However, he just completed a recent move to the centralized Mid TN region, so look for him to be back in the mix soon. While in Tri-Cities, Rooster was almost always #1 or #2 in the region. He is right in the massive pool of borderline PR talent we have in TN, so it will be interesting to see how he fairs in the crowded Mid TN region. -T

Cole “Droog” Sexton is currently the best Melee player in Cookeville. Like most mid-level Falco mains he has a disdain towards Marths and Fox's full hop because Falco cannot beat Fox jumping around. More known as a spacie slayer, Droog's practiced pillar combos and laser game managed to take a set from T as well as Ghettoblush at Top Platform to obtain 9th place. Watch out because you could be next on his blip list. -Mascot

This project was created to acknowledge the dedicated players you'll want to look out for at Tennessee's SSBM tournaments. These top 30 rankings were directly taken from Winter 2019's TrueSkillrankings without committee discussion. The actual TN top 10 PR has some differences due to player activity. Thanks to Chase Harrell for collecting and organizing the data, and to a few other TN players for writing blurbs.

Unless otherwise stated, all photo credit belongs to Toto Sripunvoraskul. Final images created by Jayson Rice.

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Here's a logo I did for a family that wanted matching shirts for their family vacation. They had seen something similar, but wanted a unique design. The only stipulation was using one color for cheaper screen-printing.

Here's a logo I did for my parents' organization that they ride horses with. There are many Back Country Horsemen chapters with separate logos to draw inspiration from, and mine comes from the Georgia chapter, where they used the outline of their state.

Besides that, it was specified to have 2 horse riders and a donkey, and only 1 color limited me to silhouettes.

Here's a T-shirt design I made for my brother's Crossfit team. He told me the name is a reference to the band Pantera. I took the idea of the snake from some of their album art and used a font similar to their style.

Robert Schuller Ministries

Robert A Schuller is a pastor from California and is one of our clients. I was in charge of designing one of his websites: 

I created the new banner logo myself, along with other logos for his Vital Living series on his Facebook page.

Since early August, I have been responsible for making 5 Vital Living Daily videos (1-1.5 min each), along with 5 social media images every week for their Facebook page. Many being bible quotes or quotes from one of his books.

I'm also responsible for maintaining their website, and cross-posting 5 blog articles a day to the page.

World Changers with Jamie Osborne

I was the producer for World Changers with Jamie Osborne on BizTV and Biz Talk Radio from November to February. I produced 10 episodes. World Changers is an hour long show that showcases business owners that have succeeded by helping others in some way. I have done all of the filming, editing, and graphics work for every episode so far, using stock footage to supplement a large portion of our B-roll.

World Changers airs every at Saturday 3PM EST on BizTV.

Sunday at Sunnybrook

I have been producing the show Sunday at Sunnybrook on Youtoo America since early October. I have created all of the graphics and done all of the editing for every episode so far. This includes the show logo, the open, and even some of the per inquiry commercials shown on TV.

Shown at 10AM EST on Youtoo America, along with Sunnybrook Church's Facebook and Youtube pages.  Videography done by Tim Flannagan.

Sunday at Sunnybrook Promo Vid

Sunday at Sunnybrook Youtube Channel

Tan 2000 Ads

Here's another client within the Tri-Cities region of TN. This tanning business was under new ownership, and all of their stores were marketing deals for their grand re-opening. My first order of business was to create Facebook ads for the weekend of the event. We came up with the design for the "Perfect 10 Weekend" and designed creative separately for college aged men and women, and one more for the older population.

Along with creating digital ads, I also got to make billboard ads that I actually got to see while driving around town. It was the first time I'd seen my work in the real world, and it was honestly pretty exciting. It was my first time doing any sort of co-op advertising as well.

After the grand re-opening, I ended up doing a few social media posts for them to advertise for prom and Easter special before they decided they were spending more than they wanted to on us.

We also ended up doing a few radio ads which ran for a week before the grand re-opening. I don't really know how to properly show those, but they sound like a typical radio ad; nothing too special. Like the billboards though, hearing something I created on the radio gave a sense of legitimacy previously unknown to me.

Overall, Tan 2000 was a fun client. They often didn't know what they wanted, and that resulted in a lot of back and forth emails. It did allow me to test my creative and design skills though, which is my favorite part of what I do.

Red Rooster Scratch Goodness

A Bristol, VA southern Appalachian style restaurant needed some new branding and better social media presence. They were close to going out of business and so we offered our services for free until they got back on their feet and we got more busy with other projects. Our first order of business was to update their logo and branding to something more modern.

We changed them from Red Rooster Market and Deli to Red Rooster Scratch Goodness. We also gave more emphasis to their bakery on social media and tried to appeal to a younger audience.

Old Logo

New Logo

At the time of our help, it was nearing Christmas time so we helped plan events that would help bring in customers. We came up with Christmas and New Year's menus that I designed. I made fliers for them to hand out at the Bristol Christmas parade, and we made them gift cards so they could make some quick money as they were close to going under. The fliers were most successful at helping them gain customers, and the month of December was good for them.

Gift Certificates

Holiday Menu


New Year's Menu

Going back to their social media branding, I made them a new profile picture and banner for their Facebook page using assets from the new logo.

To improve their social media engagement, I made several quick and dirty memes to give them content throughout the entire month. I ended up making about 25 of them in all, with varying degrees of quality. Still, they served their purpose and the engagement on their page increased significantly for being a small local restaurant.

Lastly, I shot and edited a minute long Christmas video for them to upload to their page.