Recommendations Report – The Score of Murfreesboro

Most of The Score’s problems come from not having specific goals in mind when making posts. This leads to inconsistency when trying to communicate with their followers. Random quirky posts can be alright as long as there are consistent posts that have a goal in mind as well. Finding a balance between advertising and interacting with their fans is an important factor here.


As surprisingly often as The Score posts, they’re not very consistently spaced. Sometimes they post 3 times in a day and sometimes they have a drought of posts for a week. The first suggestion I would make is to keep a consistent schedule that can be kept up with by whoever runs their social media. A Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule would be easy to keep up with and would be consistent for readers. It would also be beneficial to make a post every Saturday highlighting the upcoming events happening at their store. Along with this, followers who take the time to post a meaningful comment should always be replied to

Types of posts they would make would be split between building hype upcoming games or hardware, media involving their store, and special discounts or sales. Those three types of posts would be evenly posted on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday post schedule with each topic being assigned to the same day every time. This allows followers of the page to know what to expect on certain days and allows them to cherry pick the information that they want to see.

Posting about upcoming games is important because it builds a desire to play that game, and playing multiplayer games in a social setting is very exciting for some people. News on MOBAs, MMOs, and shooters will build interest for the game, and customers may be willing to test the new game at a LAN center before they commit to buying it. It’s a strategy that doesn’t see immediate results but it’s important to continuously show support for popular games because the desire to play those games is why people go to The Score in the first place.

Any media showing off the greatness of what happens in the LAN center should be shared to encourage others to join in. This would include pictures, videos, and possible interviews/quotes from the gamers at their events. Pictures and videos could show the excitement in the room that only happens when dozens of people see something exciting in a video game. For example, at the end of a tournament, the winners could give an interview that is mostly related to what happened in their games, and at the end of the interview, ask how much they enjoyed the venue. Both positive and negative replies will be helpful to the store and will give video content for the Facebook page in exchange for publicity to those players. The more effort that is put into caring for these players, the better the content will be, and will encourage other gamers to come in and experience The Score’s atmosphere in person.

Specialty discounts build a lot of interest for coming into the store to play with others also utilizing that discount. Lesser holidays would have themes for their discounts that would last throughout a week, an example being a discount for couples in the same week as Valentine’s Day. Besides holiday specials, there would also be promotion to more basic deals like playing specific games for a discounted price. There would be a Halo day, a Call of Duty Day, League of Legends Day etc. that would rotate throughout the month.


The Twitter account should be similar to Facebook, in that the types of tweets that are made will resemble the Facebook posts. They will relay the same information in a different manor by using different graphics or wording. They’re allowed to be more laid back in what days they are tweeted, but they should always be relevant to current happenings, and they shouldn’t share the same content with what is being posted on the Facebook page that day.

Twitter overall is allowed more leniency because of its low character limit and the assumption that most of its users are on mobile when they read tweets. This means that there should be less links to events than Facebook, and more text based content with the occasional image or short video as well. This allows users to read content fast without having to leave Twitter to read information on another site. Keep it simple and short.

One thing that Twitter does better than Facebook is contests, which could be used to their advantage. Doing a giveaway on twitter can give surprising publicity for little effort; just say that everyone who retweets is in a drawing for a game, controller, or a system. The amount of retweets gathered from people wanting free merchandise reaches a lot of people, and some may be interested enough to give your profile a look at. Doing these contests consistently every month will encourage people to follow the account and get updates on future posts.


The Score’s website needs a bit of touchup but it has the right basis to work off of. To continue to update the website, it needs to react to what is and what isn’t effective and act appropriately while also optimizing it to give the right information in the right places.

As of right now, the forums section is dead and doesn’t need to be there anymore, which defeats the purpose of having an account so that can go too unless the account is reworked. The Location and Hours tab can all be put on the home page.  The EBAY tab is weird but if they actually get significant business through EBAY then it might be worth keeping. A big recommended change would be to make a banner that cycles through relevant information instead of static boxes for people to click.

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