5 Promotion Strategies – The Score of Murfreesboro

I watched a bunch of videos for ideas on how to help promote my client’s business. There are some really creative people out there. I’ll link the videos that gave me the ideas, if not for your sake, at least it gives me a catalog.

My client is the Score of Murfreesboro, a local game shop that is also a LAN center.

The Score Logo

1. Pleasure, relief, and entertainment ads. The LAN center is the most popular part of the business and promoting these aspects of the store would show the calm atmosphere off. Inspiration 

2. Original, Powerful, Innovative social media stunt. I don’t have a specific idea for a new social media stunt because that is obviously hard to think of on the spot. Given time however, a creative enough stunt could bring in new publicity. Inspiration

3. Create and promote a partnership with a specific resturant. Food and drinks are not allowed at the LAN so obviously you have to leave to eat when you get hungry.  Partering up with specific eateries and offering discounts could create more publicity between the two stores. Inspiration

4. Use a creative ad in school newspapers to advertise an event. Same as the social media stunt in that I don’t have a specific plan, but MTSU’s canpus is about 5 minutes away from the LAN and it could have a big impact on the gamers on campus.  Inspiration

5. Create content and amplify word of mouth. The Score has events with <100 people semi regularly, but they don’t promote them well. I think bringing in photographers or videographers to create content showcasing these events and sharing them on social media. Inspiration

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